Rideture mellem

hav og fjord             - på naturens præmisser

Horsebackriding in July - August - September

Riding is only in small groups with a guide.

We ride on Monday to Friday, early morning and / or in the evening.  

We ride from Flyvholmvej, 7673 Harboøre, opposite the camping site. You can park on the field, next to the dirt road.

Max. 6-8 horses.

1 hour: 300 kr./horse (min. 2 persons)



We use Icelandic or other small horses / ponies. Beginners are welcome! Please note that I have weight limits for the different horses, so I might have to say no to you...

Riding caps are obligatory and will be provided. Further you´ll need comfortable trousers (not shorts) and shoes (not trainers). 

Please write how many people want to ride, their body weight and riding experience.

Further information at: Contact or phone+45 3025 6296 (e-mail or text message is preferred, as I'll rarely answer the phone)


Pacey: Araber/Connemara vallak. Født 2007
Omi: Islænder vallak. Født 2009
Star: New Forest / Araber vallak. Født 1996
Andrea: Haflinger hoppe. Født ca. 2001
Solei: Islænder hoppe. Født 2009
Freja: Nordbagge hoppe. Født ca. 2000
Nökkvi, islænder, vallak, født 1996
Perla, islænder, hoppe, født 1993
Baldur, islænder, vallak. Født2013